A-Z Stainless will custom build tanks to meet the unique needs of your business. No tank is too big or too small, we create tanks in all sizes to meet the vast individual needs of our clients businesses from large multi-tank companies to home based brewers/distillers. We offer a wide range of options for the storage and fermentation processes. Our tanks are custom made at the time an order is placed to best meet the specific needs of our clients. Our goal is to meet the ever-increasing wine, beer, food, and storage industries high demand for quality products by providing finely crafted stainless steel tanks that pass through our extensive quality control process combined with excellent customer service. We offer a wide range of design options depending upon the type of tank you need. tank-4
 july-august-2014-002 Standard tanks created by A-Z Stainless include sloping tank floors mathematically calculated to specified customer requirements ranging from flat, to sloping. The truncated cone allows entrance into the tank in a confined space. We also fabricate truncated cone tops that can be oriented toward the front of the tank, open top, dished, or conical. Our tanks are designed with side walls jackets that have superior cooling capabilities made from stainless steel that can be polished, flat, or with a dimpled jacket. The dimpled jacket is designed for heat transfer ability which provides a better way to regulate the temperature of the tank. Our tanks include tri-clover vent ports in the top door plate and an easy access clean out door at the bottom of the tank. Each tank is made from a 100% food grade stainless steel material. We make sure that our internal welds that are cleanly polished to avoid food getting caught in folds of the welds to make the cleaning easier and more efficient.

We are proud of our tanks, from design to fabrication. We look forward to customizing tanks to meet the unique requirements of our client’s production needs.