A-Z Stainless was created in 2014 with the dream and desire to create and repair high quality American made products to the direct specifications of our customers in the distillation, wine, beer, food, and storage industries; with an emphasis on stainless steel and stainless steel in tandem with other metals. In 2016, our dream has become a reality! We are proud of the products we have created and the relationships we have established with our customers, creating and repairing tanks and designs in our warehouse as well as on site depending upon the specific needs of our customers. We are carving a niche for ourselves in the fast growing and ever changing world of beverage creation from large scale multi tank productions to smaller home brew and micro breweries and distilleries; hitting just about everything in between. We have also found ourselves in a new market of home and business decor. We enjoy the challenge and pride in creating products that make our customers happy and satisfied. Thank you to all of our customers and community who have joined us on this journey.

DISTILLATION & STILLS – Our stills are custom designed to meet the distillation needs of our customers. We specialize in the creation of copper, stainless, or a blend of both copper and stainless stills to best meet the distillation needs of your company as well as your budget. Our stills are hand crafted with the distillation process in mind. We regularly meet and collaborated with local distillers to understand and ensure that our still are meeting the specific needs in the distillation industry for both small and large scale production. Our goal is to create quality affordable products for use in distillation.

We are currently working on a product line, an online store, for purchase of items that will be readily available and meet distillers currently unmet needs.

Wine Tanks

WINE TANKS – A-Z Stainless creates stainless steel wine tanks crafted to meet your unique wine making needs. We craft tanks and fermenters utilized in all steps of the wine making process for both red and white wines. We work with our clients to design specialized/customized tanks. We build your tank to the volume, dimension, and specific designs that are required for your unique business.

BEER TANKS – A-Z Stainless builds stainless steel tanks for breweries of all sizes. Our tanks are designed to meet your beer making needs. We build it all, from individual components to complete brew house systems, we have all of your tank needs covered. Pictured to the right are fermenters and a CIP tank; we also do brite tanks, uni tanks, etc… Please view our gallery for pictures of our other tank types.

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dairy tank 15000 gallon

FOOD TANKS – Our tanks are made from food grade stainless steel. We polish the welds on the inside as well as the outside of our tanks to eliminate areas for food particles to get caught in the folds of the welds. This allows for easier cleaning which in turn streamlines your production process.

STORAGE TANKS – Our tanks are custom designed to meet your storage needs; liquid and solid. We can work with you to design and create tanks that meet your specific needs in size, volume, and shape.


CIDER TANKS – A-Z Stainless will custom design tanks and fermenters for use in your cidery. Our brite tanks and fermenters can be created for chopping, agitation (full sweep or simple), we can add anti-swirl baffles in either clockwise or counter clockwise direction for maximum mixing efficiency. Our tanks will enhance your production from the time your apples are delivered to the final step of bottling your cider.

CUSTOM TANKS – A-Z Stainless will design and customize tanks based on the individualized and specific needs of your business. We create tanks to the custom specifications of our customers based on the unique needs of their industry; food, spirits, storage- we’ve got your tank needs covered!

repair for siteneed to repair tank2

TANK REPAIR – We repair damaged tanks either on site or at our warehouse; we will deliver and assist with final installation as needed or requested.

Home and Business Décor – We also specialize in custom interior and exterior stainless steel design for home and business décor.

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